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Cway helps media people to get stuff done. Say bye-bye to complicated, multiple platforms. Cway handles all media management, from planning for future events and changes, through design process and proofing, all the way to delivery and accessible storage. Plus, Cway integrates with other PIM and such to get everything in one place for you. Plan, develop, proof, store, share and communicate – it’s all here!

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Start a project

Drag & drop media directly from Media Center as a starting point, or write a brief for new design. Invite people to participate and assign roles. Cway will notify everyone.

Review media

Zoom in, rotate, measure, compare to old revisions or other media and annotate all corrections in the artwork viewer. All corrections on all revisions, along with approvals are documented and traceable in the future.

Manage progress

Overviews of both projects and media allows keeping track of progress easily. Chosen tasks throughout development are checked when performed, even for IRL activities such as color proofing. A simple signal system gives fast overviews of current tasks to be performed.

End a project

Once media is approved and shipped off to its next location, simply transfer it to Media Center and categorize for easy access. Keeping an up-to-date media storage at all times is just one drag & drop away.


Project management for creating, updating and
proofing media

Media Center

Always updated, structured and accessible media storage

Organize and cluster

The structure in Media Center is fully customizable and the same media can be categorized in multiple clusters, such as by product group, market or – say – season. A simple, intuitive folder system provides great overviews.

Plan for future events

Clustering media for upcoming events is one great way to enable visual planning. Another way is to place annotations with future changes directly on the media files instead of keeping the info elsewhere.


Enable for all interested parties to gain access of media, safely and without middle hands or delays. Share either single files or entire clusters to e.g. the design agency along with the design brief.

Simplify things

No need to seek aid elsewhere – this simple app will share everything both inside and outside Cway in a bunch. Just drag & drop anything from anywhere to the dropzone and share.

What’s the format

Got a file in a format that isn’t possible for you to open? Upload it to Quick Share and have a look. Cway supports most media formats and will render an image or film for you in seconds.

Quick Share

Easy as WeTransfer and in the same place as everything else

Data is fun, right?

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